OpenWiz - open files at your choice


OpenWiz rapidly shows you a list of applications for a associated file type.

Within three simple steps you can associate a certain file type to startup with OpenWiz and define your prompted favorite application to open the file with (see screenshots for more details):

  1. 1.drag & drop your file on the desktop shortcut to OpenWiz

  2. 2.drag & drop your favorite application on the OpenWiz bar „drag here“-button.

  3. the application button on the OpenWiz bar to launch your file with this application

After this steps, every time you open the file OpenWiz prompts you the application to open the file with.

You can add more applications if you press the „+“ key when the OpenWiz bar is visible.

With „-“ or „del“ key you remove the application under the mouse cursor.

After the last application is removed, the file association will get reset to it‘s default.

The current release is a beta. It handles only one file extension.


With OpenWiz you can easily choose your favorite applications to open your files without fiddling through the context menu.